Free divorce in Apeldoorn

Do you live in the Apeldoorn area, do you have a low to average income and would you like to divorce? Foundation for Free Divorce is the only one in the Netherlands to offer the option of truly 100% free divorce. Read more about our working method and what we can do for you below.

When do I qualify for a free divorce?

We are a non-profit organization. Our family law lawyers and mediators specialize in divorces. To be eligible for this free divorce procedure, you must meet the income and assets test. If you are both entitled to subsidized legal assistance, we will arrange the divorce completely free of charge.  Foundation for Free Divorce is unique in this in the Netherlands. If one of you does not meet the conditions, we will still offer a competitive rate.

Apply for divorce online in Apeldoorn?

At Foundation for Free Divorce  we offer you the option to divorce completely online. In that case, our conversations take place via a video connection. You will then speak to our mediator from your own familiar environment. Would you prefer a personal meeting at one of our offices or at home? That is also possible. We operate throughout the Netherlands.

Want to quickly know whether you qualify for a free divorce?

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