How we work

You are eligible for a free divorce. We guide you during the entire process. Together we will go through everything step by step, so that the divorce can be completed quickly. From the divorce agreement to the parenting plan and other arrangements, we put the agreements made on paper and assist you with advice. Free divorce is only possible if you are willing and able to communicate with each other in a reasonable manner. A well-rounded divorce is in all cases the most pleasant and effective for both partners and any children. On average, a divorce takes 3 to 5 weeks. We are happy to explain how we work.

Step 1: Check divorce for free

You would like to get a divorce for free. We therefore check whether you meet the conditions for a free divorce. Is that the case? We will then immediately schedule a first appointment with one of our experienced mediators.

Step 2: In conversation

The first step is always a personal conversation at one of our offices or online. During this conversation, all topics that are included in a divorce agreement are discussed. The same applies to the parenting plan. Our lawyer will start drawing up a draft for the legally official documents. You can provide feedback on this. We process the adjustments until you are completely satisfied with the agreement and parenting plan.

Step 3: Apply for divorce in court

Once all documents have been received, finalized and signed by you, we will file for divorce with the court. Only a lawyer may do this in the Netherlands. Our organization has affiliated lawyers who submit the petition. This is a petition for divorce, dissolution of the registered partnership or legal separation. If you quickly agree and respond quickly, it is possible to divorce within a month.

Step 4: Court’s decision

If you do not have children older than 12 years old and there are no special international aspects, the divorce decree will be sent within a week. The judge pronounces the divorce and approves the agreements you have made in his ruling. The lawyer at Foundation for Free Divorce ensures that the decision is registered with the municipality in which you were married.

Step 5: The divorce is a fact

Our lawyer will send you proof that the divorce decree has been registered in the civil status registers of the municipality. From this date you are officially divorced.


Making arrangements for a divorce

If you divorce, a divorce agreement must be drawn up and a parenting plan if you have minor children. We advise our clients to discuss all topics together in advance, so that we can quickly incorporate the agreements into the official documents.

Divorce agreement

A lot has to be arranged during a divorce. All financial consequences are stated in the divorce agreement. It is a written agreement between you, which includes all topics on which agreements have been made.

What does a divorce agreement contain, among other things?

  • What the agreements are about the shared home
  • The division of your assets
  • Any agreements regarding spousal support
  • Distribution of pensions
  • Agreements about paying off joint debts

What does a parenting plan include?

  • Who gets authority?
  • What will be the child’s main residence?
  • the contact arrangements
  • Whether there is child support


What you must divide depends on the conditions under which you are married: in community of property, in ‘limited’ community of property or under prenuptial agreements. These agreements were recorded by a notary at the time.