Why mediation is helpful for divorce

The Foundation of free divorce only employs lawyers and mediators who are registered as MfN mediators with the Legal Aid Board. This means you can be sure that an expert is sitting around the table to guide the divorce. The title ‘mediator’ is not protected. Fortunately, by hiring an MfN mediator you can be sure that a specialist with experience knows what needs to be arranged. MfN registered mediators know how to act in conflict situations and are committed to maintaining high quality. You benefit from this: our clients. We believe it is important that, whether you divorce for free or not, professional and good guidance is essential.

Hiring an MfN mediator has many advantages when you have decided to divorce:

  • Guidance by a lawyer/mediator who is trained as a family law MfN mediator
  • High quality standards and a lot of knowledge
  • Good and clear explanation of all documents and the process
  • Divorce quickly with the help of an expert
  • Request a free divorce if you meet the conditions
  • You determine the content of the divorce agreement and parenting plan yourself
  • Transparent and reliable
  • Separating with respect for the ex-partner