More explanation about the divorce


A marriage can be dissolved by divorce. It is definitively terminated from the moment the divorce decree is registered in the registers. In most cases, this is the municipality in which the wedding took place or, if there are foreign aspects, in the municipality of The Hague.


In addition to a divorce,

In addition to a divorce, you can also opt for a legal separation. This often happens for religious reasons, where people do not want to officially divorce but do agree to a legal separation. The court order in which the court pronounces the legal separation is recorded in the matrimonial property register. From that moment on, the legal separation is complete. When there has been a legal separation, it is not possible to marry someone else or enter into a registered partnership because the marriage continues to exist during the legal separation.

It is possible to convert a legal separation into a divorce so that the marriage is finally dissolved. It is also possible to undo a legal separation through the court. It can therefore be seen as a preparation for or temporary separation.

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